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Marinade brush for grill Mandarin Orange - Lotus Grill

: p-or-22
8.91€ (VAT incl.)
By: LotusGrill - Availability: 19 items in stock
The proper barbecue marinade silicon brush. It is made of high quality silicon which can be heated up to 300 degrees ºC (Celsius). Its handle is made of stainless steel. Suggested as the proper marinade brush from LOTUS GRILL available in 6 different colours. Optimise your BBQ and make it even more comfortable to use and efficient with the plethora of LOTUS GRILL accessories.
: 0.12 kg
Package dimensions: 250 mm × 50 mm × 10 mm
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More information

-Non stick silicon brush
-Ideal for any cookware surface
-Stainless steel handle
-Heat resistant up to 240 celcium
-Diswasher safe

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