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The after sales services are very important to us!

At you will only find very valuable products, resulting of a very thorough manufacturing, many years of experience and know-how of the very best manufacturers around the world.

The selection of products that we offer you to purchase on this store, are also the result of three generations of Rockwell people testing each item, and studying it in all its aspects, in order to be sure that for each everyday activity you, consumer, could find only the most efficient, long lasting and pleasant to use objects at our stores!

Therefore the after-sales life of the items that we sell is of a capital importance to us. We have our own technical service department with the proper equipment in order to deal with any cutlery item, and collaborate with all the brands that we represent in order to ensure the same quality service for all the other items that we sell.

You can contact us at info [at] rockwell [dot] gr or even call us at +30210 72 23 336, in order to describe your item, and ask us for the steps to follow in order to send us your item for a check-up.

We will ensure that it is taken care of in the best way!