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Skeppshult’s household products are manufactured to the highest standards of finish and quality. All the Skeppshult cast iron wares are made by hand, using raw materials which have been thoroughly tested. They are environment friendly and require simple maintenance using no chemicals (washing-up liquids etc.). When you buy a product from Skeppshult it has been pre-treated with hot vegetable oil and is ready to be used at once. Please rinse it in lukewarm water and dry carefully before using it the first time to make sure that possible dust or excess oil is rinsed away. Products which are oiled, i.e. all products which are not completely dry, can give rise to spots if placed on sensitive surfaces.


  • Use the pan with cooking oil, butter or margarine when frying/browning
  • When cleaning, use only hot water and a dish brush
  • Carefully dry the cast iron product
  • Serve food straight from our lovely products, but do not store food in them
  • Please observe that cast iron should not be washed in a dishwasher
  • Re-oil the pan after use, with cooking oil


After re-oiling it is advantageous to place the pan on the hot plate in order for the oil to be absorbed into the cast iron. After the pan has cooled wipe away excess oil. Please remember to provide good ventilation as this procedure can cause a strong smell.


A reliable method to make maintenance even easier is to fry sausages now and again. This can also be done in a pot. Fry the sausage at a lower heat than usual, to prolong the frying time. The combined cooking and maintenance oiling is usually all that is required to keep the pan in good shape. Last but not least - unlike other pans, a cast iron pan can only improve the more it is used!