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Once upon a time, in 1872…

Rockwell was born in 1872 in the city of Elassona, in the periphery of Larissa – Greece. Its founder was the late Ioannis Pourikas, who was creating and trading high quality cutlery items for a household and professional usage. In 1908, the business moves to the city of Larissa in order to expand. A few years later the business management is taken over by Apostolos Pourikas. During his term, the company has been especially known for the quality products (such as scissors, knifes and pocket knifes) that it was making. Thanks to those, the company becomes synonym of quality in the consumers minds.
Rockwell, mass-import company & steel alloys inventor
In the 50’s and 60’s some major changes appear in the art of trading, having as a result the beginning of massive production all over Europe. That drags down many small local companies, finally resulting into their closing. At the same time, Rockwell, under the management of Ioannis Pourikas and then Evangelos Pourikas, evolves in a very fast pace, transforming itself from a mass production company to a mass importing company of similar -to those it used to make- items. The change of direction won’t influence the philosophy of the company concerning the distribution of quality articles, but on the contrary, it will strengthen it. The company will turn towards the corresponding markets outside Greece (U.S.A, Japan, France, Germany, Italy) selecting the best ones, and representing them to sell their products all over the world in order to preserve its existence. In parallel, the famous Rockwell steel alloys conceived by the first generation of the Pourikas family, are used by great and well-known manufacturers for their robustness and efficiency.

"fetching the Rockwell quality in each one’s house instantly"

Rockwell, mass-retailer & franchisor  
The opening of international markets during the 80’s and 90’s makes the imports easier, thus, the already existing wholesale customers slowly start importing their articles trying to face the competition (retailers selling the same items) and aim at the increase of their profit margin. Under the supervision of Leonidas and Apostolos Pourikas, the Rockwell’s fourth generation manager decides to turn the company from mass wholesaling to mass retailing. A long term project begins, willing to transform the Rockwell brand into a unique retailing stores network, distributing franchises in order to multiply the selling points all over Greece. Their wish? Rocking everybody’s life activities with a huge selection of very qualitative products. Indeed, in 1997 is created the first original shop in Larissa and the very next year, follows the second shop in Athens’ very active and chic center, Kolonaki. Three years later the first franchised shop is obtained in the city of Serres, whilst six years later follows the second franchised shop in the city of Volos.
4 generations & 140 years later…
At the term of this long-term ten year investment programme, Rockwell finally succeeds in transforming itself into a network of stores with a custom corporate identity, specialised in retailing quality articles useful to anyone in any activity (cooking, exercising, working etc.). The fourth generation of Rockwell, and present owner and manager, Leonidas Pourikas, is willing to follow the consumers wishes, to satisfy their needs in the best way possible. In this optic, he decides the creation of the Rockwell e-shop, rockwell.gr, bringing the Rockwell quality in each one’s house instantly. A whole new era begins with this website, offering any person around the world some of the best articles in many fields, ensuring also their after sales service. This website also aims at making known to its existing and future public the great variety of categories it can cover with its articles. Contrary to common belief it does not only sell cutlery items, but also items useful in the garden, health and beauty, sports, outdoor activities, arts, the office, security and defense.