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Μαχαίρια #ΚΑΙshunpremier, με την υπογραφή του #chef @Tim Mälzer

Κατασκευασμένα από δαμασκηνό αντιδιαβρωτικό ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι 32 στρώσεων, τα μαχαίρια αυτά, είναι στολισμένα με μία χειροποίητη σφυρήλατη επιφάνεια γνωστή ως #Tsuchime, με αποτέλεσμα να συνδυάζεται η διαχρονική αισθητική με την απόλυτη αιχμηρότητα.

  • Οι λεπίδες έχουν έναν συμπαγή πυρήνα ανοξείδωτου VG-10 με σκληρότητα 61±1 HRC.
  • Τα προϊόντα της σειράς συνδυάζουν εκπληκτική αιχμηρότητα και ιδανικό κράτημα.
  • Η ολοκληρωμένη σειρά παραμένει πιστή στην πεποίθηση του Tim Mälzer επειδή:

Μαχαίρι Kai SHUN Kiritsuke. Limited Edition!

Μαχαίρι του σεφ 20 cm Kiritsuke περιορισμένο και αριθμημένο στα 22222 κομμάτια!
kiritsuke Με λεπίδα από δαμασκηνό ατσάλι 32 στρώσεων, και πυρήνα λεπίδων VG-MAX χάλυβα Rockwell 61 ° +/- 1 - σατέν φινίρισμα - μήκους 20 cm Η λαβή είναι απο χρωματισμένo Pakkawood, Iαπωνικής καστανιάς.


Knives For Mother’s Day

If Mom likes to work with pasta or other doughs, the Shun Blue Menkiri is a gift that will both surprise and please her. Our thanks to Blade Magazine, the World's #1 Knife Publication, for inclusion in their Ultimate Knives for Mother's Day article—both online and in print.
Read more: http://www.blademag.com/featured/knives-for-mothers-day?et_mid=615456&ri...

The Beauty Of Sharpness

The Case study titled "The Beauty Of Sharpness" was done by Herezie advertising agency for Zwilling J.a. Henckels in France. It was released in Feb 2015.

  • Agency: Herezie
  • Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci
  • Photographer: Pierre Baelen
  • Art Director: Nicolas Dumenil, Jacques Denain Herezie
  • Released: February 2015

Nail clipper small - zwilling classic chrome inox

Nail nippers are the instrument for easy shortening and forming -even for tough nails. The different sizes and cutting head forms demonstrate the broad range of manicure or pedicure applications. There are two different joints available. Lap joint nippers have the nipper shanks lying one on top of the other at the joint. Box joint nippers have one shank put through the other nippers shank. While one can cut and form the finger nails according to desire and fashion, it is recommended to cut and form toe nails relatively short and straight.

Sharpening whetstone - KAI 300/1000

To sharpen and hone knives in the traditional Japanese way, we recommend the whetstones of ceramic compound. The DM-0708 is a premium highlight whetstone. The 300 grain restores the blunt edge whilst you can complete the edge on the 1000 grain.
Shop now: https://goo.gl/NooOVC
How to video: https://goo.gl/ObMu0U

Champagne Corkscrew

Exciting sparkling wines are amongst the best things happening during moments of celebration! Discover the efficiency of Screwpull objects for sparkling wines which are used in a jiffy. The cap jumps as if the bottle was opened by hand. Safely, you can stop and watch the cork rise in the tube. Shop now: https://goo.gl/brcMBY Watch video: https://goo.gl/q41uxo