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Electric mechanism for BBQ charchoals preparing - PADAMO QUICK BOOSTER

The PADAMO QUICK BOOSTER is the perfect guarantee for the perfect glow. The patented ventilation system glows up the charcoal within 5 minutes - now the barbecue fun may begin! The PADAMO QUICK BOOSTER works with almost every popular charcoal chimney.

Fire starters long burning time in package of 40 pieces - PADAMO QUICK CUBE

The particular element of this fire starter is the long burning time which keeps its temperature stable for more than 15 minutes. Time which is more than enough to prepare 3 charcoal baskets of 2 kilos each one. It is a chemical material easy to save in carton packages. Produced & packed in 40 pieces in Denmark.

Charchoals fire starter - PADAMO

If you are looking for a charcoal fire starter and the criteria for your choice is the price/quality relation then you have found the object of your dreams! The PADAMO fire starter made of high quality robust aluminium is responsible for the item s resistance for uses under high temperatures. The particular element of this PADAMO fire starter is its base diameter which fits exactly to the diameter of the electric PADAMO fire mechanism. The PADAMO fire starter handle is made of high quality PVC very resistant to high temperatures. It is made in DENMARK.


There is another way of supplying our PADAMO QUICK BOOSTER than with just batteries. There is a more productive option for supplying it. That is called PADAMO QUICK POWER and it is the adequate option for the long term affordable operation of our QUICK PADAMO BOOSTER. Furthermore when we use the PADAMO QUICK POWER we protect the environment plus we avoid the danger of not completing the preparation of BBQ charchoals.

Charchoals for grill in package of 10 kilos - McBRIKETT KOKOKO EGGS

McBRIKETT provides you with these beech charcoals of outstanding quality. This means that with a quantity of 2-2,5 kilos you will be able to grill for a duration somewhere between 3-6 hours. With this new type of charchoal you can reach temperatures of about 800° C. It comes in a very attractive package weighing 10 kilos and you will find these original "egg" designed and shaped pieces of charcoal more than convenient. You can use this charchoal with any kind of BBQ and you can grill up to 5 times with only one package.

Fire starter brickett long burning time - McBRIKETT OKO

The particular element of this brickett, apart from its ideal size (12 x 7 x 4), is the long burning time which keeps its temperature stable for more than 5 minutes. Time which is enough to prepare 2 charchoal baskets of 2 kilos each one. It is a natural brickett free of chemicals which allows us to split or place the brickett on the grill without gloves. Produced & packed in Germany.

Folding fire starter with case - McBRIKETT KLAPPKAMIN

If you are trying to prepare your BBQ without a fire starter then you might have to be waiting a lot time before you can start grilling. This fire starter is one of the most basic BBQ tools one would dream of for absolutely any grill. That’s why we are in the pleasant position to announce you the arrival of the folding KLAPP-KAMIN starter by McBRIKETT. A fire starter made of high quality stainless steel including an internal charchoal storing base. With this fire starter we can easily prepare at least 2 kilos of charchoals for grilling fastly. Made and packed in Germany.

Charchoals chimney starter - HOFATS STARTER

Due to an integrated lighting solution of the HOFATS grills the chimney starter doesn't have to be flipped over but merely stripped of the charcoal in a vertical motion. There are no flying sparks or ash. The HOFATS lighting solution is therefore much safer and comfortable compared to conventional chimney starters.