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Combination whetstone Grain 1000/4000 - KAI


To sharpen KAI knives in the traditional Japanese and therefore professional way, we recommend a number of specific ceramic-bonded whetstones. Moreover, the range also offers electronic grinders, as well as care accessories and blade protectors. The Kai Shun DM-0400 combination sharpening stone, with a 1000/4000 grain is a great sharpening stone to sharpen your knives. The hard ceramics ensure quick results and don't easily wear out.

Flattening stone for sharpening stones - Kai Japan

High-carbon stainless steel blades provide a razor-sharp edge while color-coding makes it easy to guard against cross-contamination. Food-safe color coat is bonded to blades resisting corrosion making cleaning simple and allowing the knife to glide through food with ease. The color-matched handles are lightweight and contoured for a comfortable nimble performance. Sharp and distinctly attention-getting these knives are a great line for the new chef or for the second home or boat.