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Chipper Attachement for Chopper 3079-ALLIGATOR


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Features and materials

French fries in a minute. The Alligator chopper attachement cuts sticks and cubes measuring 12 x 12 mm and is the quikest and easiest way to make chips, salads, gratin etc. As the blades are set further apart. The alligator chipper attachement is also great for preparing those dishes that require larger dishes of fruit and vegetables. Simply put the Alligator chopper attachement onto the chopping base of your original Alligator 3079 multichopper and enjoy faster chopping. The collector from your 3079 multichopper can also be fixed to the chopper attachement. List of contents: -ABS plastic chopper attachement -Stainless steel blade unit
Alligator ABS chipper attachement for 3079 multichopper -Made from ABS sturdy plastic -Size 28,8cm x 10,8cm x 4,2cm -Weight 211 grammars -Carton gift box -Made in Sweden