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Φοντύ σετ 200 γρ.-BOSKA HOLLAND

Fondue burner- Boska Holland


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Features and materials

SKU: BOSKA-853518 Category: Fondue & Raclette
Designed especially for your Boska fondue set of choice, Boska offers the universal fondue burner for liquid fuels and burning gel. The burner is made of stainless steel making it durable and long lasting. Also included with the burner is a cup with gauze for the liquid fuels. With the universal burner you can rest assured that your cheese or chocolate fondue will always remain at the right temperature!
Fondue burner -Parts: Stainless steel burner -Material: Stainless steel -Weight: 0,42 lbs -Dimensions: 6,89 x 1,57 x 6,1 " -Dishwasher: Yes