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SKU: HOF-CONEGRID Category: Grills
If you want to finish your steak with a perfect branding and avoid the sticking on of meat - then a cast iron grid is what you need. HEALTH GRID isn't just another cast iron grid. The dripping plate which has specially been designed for the extremely massive grid makes charcoal grilling as healthy as never before - it ensures that no fat or marinade can drop into the ember and that the grillables can nevertheless take on the wooden and smoky aroma of the charcoal. The dripping plate can be filled with fresh herbs or smoke chips so as to give the grillables the ideal flavour. The cast iron grid is subsequently heated by lifting up the charcoal. After approx. five minutes of firing, HEALTH GRID has reached the perfect temperature. Now put on it whatever you want - either a nice piece of beef, entrecote, rib-eye, flank or T-bone steak. Then sear the meat for one minute on each side, lower the coal grid to the bottom end and let the meat rest on the warming rack with closed cover hood according to meat thickness and desired cooking setting for five to ten minutes at approx. 80C. The cast iron grid is also a perfect for fish. When it comes to grilling fish, many prejudices go round - the most frequent ones being that fish sticks on or cannot be tuened if the temperature is not correct. But with the right equipment, grilling fish becomes a very simple task. For me, the most important criteria are: a cast iron grid which perfectly stores the heat; moreover, the sticking on has no chance with a cast iron grid. The grilling temperature should be adjustable in order to grill the very tender fish meat carefully to keep it juicy, but nevertheless hot enough to make the skin turn brown in the right moment. A cover hood makes possible the closing of the grill in order to carefully smoke the fish by means of wooden chips. All these criteria are perfectly fulfilled by the HOFATS GRILLS CONE and SHERE. Enjoy!
HOFATS HEALTH GRID for CONE & SPHERE grills '-Made by high quality cast iron -Including also a bottom cast iron plate for spices marinades with wine or beer -Size 50 x 50 x 5 -Carton gift package -Made in Germany