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Kitchen slicer-ALLIGATOR


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Features and materials

Alligator slicer creates perfect and uniform slices and is suitable for use on most fruit and vegetables, even tomatoes! The patented concept consists of a series of blades that are graduated at set levels to guarantee a perfectly smooth and precise cut with every use. Alligator slicer cuts 5,5 mm wide and is perfect for slicing potatoes and most other fruits and vegetables. The secret of the unique concept of the slicer lies in tepped placement of the knives. The result is perfectly cut slices every time. List of contents: -ABS plastic slicer -ABS plastic cleaning grid -Stainless steel blade unit
Alligator slicer ABS serie -Made from sturdy ABS plastic -Size 28cm x 12cm x 7,2cm -Weight 1028 grammars -Carton gift package -Made in Sweden