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Multi Chopper SPEEDWING - GEFU


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Features and materials

SKU: GEFU-13600 Category: Vegetables slicers
Working entirely without electricity and off ering an extremely wide range of applications, this multi-talented product not only chops fruit, vegetables, nuts, onions and fi sh but can also be used for stirring and mixing dips, conjuring up desserts and spinning herbs dry
- Efficient and easy to use thanks to the manual pull-chord mechanism -Ergonomic pull-chord handle -Cutting insert with two curved blades made of Japanese blade steel and integrated scrapers -Dimensionally stable spinning basket -Mixing insert -Air-tight storage lid and spatula included -Inserts easily replaceable -Non-slip stand thanks to base ring -Protective caps for blades included -Measuring scale markings in ml / cups / fl oz -Filling volume: 800 ml -Capacity: 1000 ml -High-grade stainless steel / plastic -Dishwasher safe