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Stainless steel kitchen multichoper with collector-ALLIGATOR


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Features and materials

Alligator stainless steel chopper is delivered with a collector that cleverly collects what you have chopped. The robust construction of the Alligator stainless steel chopper makes it a common in many professional kitchens. The Alligator stainless steel chopper is an executive model in stainless steel equipped with three interchangeable knife sets, a standard 6 X 6 mm set for such items as onions, a 12 X 12 mm knife for chopping coarser items such french fries and a 3 X 3 mm set for chopping smaller items such as garlic. List of contents: -2 x ABS plastic cleaning grids -Stainless steel chopper -3 x stainless steel blade units -Plastic collector
Alligator stainless steel multichopper -Made from high quality stainless steel -Contains three interchangeable knifes (3 x 3, 6 x 6 & 12 x 12 mm) -Size 29cm x 11cm x 12,6cm -Weight 1380 grammars -Carton gift box -Made in Sweden