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Stewpan with stainless steel lid 20x9 cm. CASTEL PRO - CRISTEL
Code: CR-F20CPF
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Product information

• 5-ply thermo-diffusing base:
 - 18/10 stainless steel
 - 3 layers of aluminium
 - Induction stainless steel
• Interior measurement graduations every 0.5 L
• Exceptional thermal efficiency & uniform spread of the heat
• Keeps temperature during table service
• Solid stainless steel handle, riveted 
• Lid with solid stainless steel handle
• Induction  - Gas  - Ceramic  - Electric
• Dishwasher-friendly 
• Manufactured in France

Package: 28,5 x 29,0 x 11,5 cm

Stainless steel stewpot 5-ply Castel'Pro collection with stainless steel lid, gloss mirror finish with 5-layer thermo-diffuser base, stainless steel cast iron handles. Internal graduations. The 5 superimposed layers: stainless steel 18/10 + 3 layers of aluminum + stainless steel Castel'Pro stoves allow a homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the body of the cooking utensil and not only at the bottom thermo-diffuser. The absence of a bottom report justifies a speed of rise and fall of the temperature and facilitates the cooking of the most technical devices. The unique round shape of the body of the utensil is ideal for mixing, sautéing and cooking. The 5-layer Castel'Pro stews preserve the taste qualities of food and are easy to clean after cooking. The handles in stainless steel athermic, perfectly linked to the body of the pan thanks to stainless rivets, do not retain the heat on ceramic hob.   

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