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Fondue set 2,2 L NERO - BOSKA
Code: BOSKA-853541
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Product information

  • Material: Ceramic / Cast iron
  • Type of cheese: Fondue cheese
  • Number of forks: 8
  • Liters (up to the edge): 2.2 liter
  • Liters (cheese fondue): 2 liter
  • Grams (cheese fondue): 1.5 kg
  • Product dimensions: 323x213x185 mm
  • Product weight: 2 kg
  • Dishwasher safe fondue pot

Package: 32,3 x 21,3 x 18,5 cm

The pot included in this convenient fondue set is made of black ceramic. It is flameproof, so it can be used to melt fondue cheese on gas stoves. Then place the pot and its contents on the cast iron base supplied. The fondue burner - suitable for liquid fuel and gel fuel (fuel not included) - keeps your fondue nice and warm for hours. The fondue pot can only be used on a gas stove. If you only have a different heat source – such as an induction or electric stove – we recommend you use a different pot to heat the fondue. The fondue pot is dishwasher safe.

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