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Bottle opener with magnet - HOFATS JOHNNY CATCH MAGNET

JOHNNY CATCH is a must…. For beer drinkers with a sense of style, lemonade lovers, craft beer cracks, in the late-night pub around the corner, the elegant club, the rehearsal room, the home of clubs, bands and sports associations, the costruction trailer, the trendy club, the favourite bar, the kebap stand, the arbour, the stylish kitchen, the chaos flat-sharing community, the party apartment, the ski hut, the beach bar, the workshop, on the roof terrace, next to your grill, fridge... Use JOHNNY CATCH as a merchandising article or high-quality giveaway.

Barbecue grill with charchoal - HOFATS CONE GRILL

Through its immediate, direct and intuitive heat regulation, CONE elevates grilling to a whole new level. Never before has grilling with charcoal been so relaxing, versatile, precise and easy. CONE is the worldwide first charcoal grill where you can adjust the heat directly. It thus translates the comfort of a gas grill to a charcoal grill - with real ember, real fire and real atmosphere. The immediate, direct and intuitive heat regulationis made possible by the principle of combining the distance of the heat source to the grillables with the air supply. In case great heat is required, e.g.

Charchoals chimney starter - HOFATS STARTER

Due to an integrated lighting solution of the HOFATS grills the chimney starter doesn't have to be flipped over but merely stripped of the charcoal in a vertical motion. There are no flying sparks or ash. The HOFATS lighting solution is therefore much safer and comfortable compared to conventional chimney starters.

Bottle opener with black container - HOFATS JOHNNY CATCH CUP

JOHNNY CATCH - the presumably best wall-mounted bottle opener of the world. Catches crow caps magnetically! 100% stainless stel. The crow cap was invented approx. 100 years ago, and wall-mounted bottle openers are almost as old - for they simply are practical. Nevertheless, no such device with perfect functionality and good look at the same time has existed so far - that's why we saw need for action. We wanted to create a very simple, perfectly functioning and beautiful bottle opener for the wall - this was the birth of JOHNNY CATCH.

HOFATS grill cover protection - HOFATS CONE COVER

In order to protect CONE optimally, we have developed a covering hood. The waterpoof material in combination with a high - tech zip protects from dirt and moisture. The hood covers CONE like a second skin and protects your grill even when it is sent to winter sleep in autumn. Due to the integrated carrying handles, CONE can be transported comfortably.


If you want to finish your steak with a perfect branding and avoid the sticking on of meat - then a cast iron grid is what you need. HEALTH GRID isn't just another cast iron grid. The dripping plate which has specially been designed for the extremely massive grid makes charcoal grilling as healthy as never before - it ensures that no fat or marinade can drop into the ember and that the grillables can nevertheless take on the wooden and smoky aroma of the charcoal. The dripping plate can be filled with fresh herbs or smoke chips so as to give the grillables the ideal flavour.

Apron for grilling - HOFATS GRILL APRON

The ideal full body chef's or BBQ apron. Made with special synthetic cloth in order to remain resistant against humidity or scratches. The green strings around the apron allow you to adjust the apron aording to your measures. It is a special unique patent.

Gloves for grilling - HOFATS GRILL GLOVES

Those gloves can be easy used for any kind of BBQ or hot kitchen pots. They have been made from special non-fire materials and they are a very useful kitchen & BBQ tool. They can also be used for hot plates' serving.

Barbecue tong for grill - HOFATS GRILL TONG

One of the most important BBQ tools, for a BBQ lover and adept, is the tong. HOFATS is always seeking high-end quality, thus, the CONE & SPHERE grill also offers you an upper class BBQ tong. Made from robust stainless steel for extreme use under high temperatures.