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Once upon a time, in 1872…

Rockwell was born in the city of Elassona, in the region of Larissa. Its founder, the late Ioannis Pourikas, who created and traded high quality kitchens for home and professional use. In 1908, the company moved to the city of Larissa to expand. A few years later, Apostolos Pourikas takes over the management of the company. During his "tenure", the company was particularly known for the high quality cutting products it created (such as scissors, knives, pocket knives, etc.). Thanks to them, the company became synonymous with quality in the minds of consumers!

Rockwell, an importer & inventor of steel alloys

In the 50's and 60's, the art of marketing changed, resulting in the beginning of mass production throughout Europe. Which entices many small local businesses, which are closing down. At the same time, Rockwell - under the direction of Ioannis Pourikas and later Evangelos Pourikas - is evolving at a very fast pace, transforming itself - from a mass production company - into a mass import company, worthy of the ones it manufactured. The change of direction will not affect Rockwell's philosophy of delivering quality products, but rather strengthen it. The company turns to respective markets outside Greece (USA, Japan, France, Germany, Italy) choosing the best of them and representing them around the world to protect its existence! At the same time, the famous "Rockwell" steel alloys, invented by the first generation of the Pourika family, are used by large and well-known manufacturers for their durability and efficiency.