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Phone orders 210 72 23 336
Free delivery for orders over 100€ within Attica
(over 200€ for the rest of Greece)
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Civil Rights Protection Policy

Rockwell may collect any of your personal data (such as first and last name, home address, e-mail and telephone number) that you provided when you contacted

Rockwell does not collect your credit and debit card numbers, which you use on the Website to place an order or purchase.

When shopping online or at the store, create or edit your personal account. When contacting Rockwell through various external websites, contact us via the contact form, or even contact Rockwell through customer service after providing some personal information. This is necessary in order to allow us to satisfy you and your orders, to answer your requests or questions, to improve our services, to contact you in the context of the customer-seller relationship and to inform you about new products. or in-store or online discounts.

We may use information about you to allow you to view specific content on our website, based on your interests or past purchases and browsing on our website. On the one hand, we do it to be able to increase and improve your experience and on the other hand, we do it to be able to analyze and define the goals and strategy of our company.

Sharing your personal information with third parties or other business partners is something we never do and we promise never to do.

Occasionally you will receive - for those who have subscribed to it - a Rockwell newsletter informing you of sales and new products. You may also receive calls or e-mails from us, for the same reason. At any time you can leave or unsubscribe from them, either by clicking on the "unsubscribe link" - for the newsletter - or by other means of communication, by contacting us at

In addition, you have the right to access all the personal information that was requested of you so that we can at any time shape the framework of the customer-seller relationship. We may not manage any additional information you may have shared with us, and we cannot be held responsible for not providing it to you.

You also have the right to delete and differentiate all the personal information that was necessary to form the framework of the customer-seller relationship: if you wish to do so you can send us to analyzing your request or send us call + 30 210 72 23 336.